22 Charlie Tango talk med Jacob Johansen

After one year of lock-down, retailers around the world face a new reality, where user behavior has shifted rapidly towards online channels.

The way to survive is through Radical User Centricity, according to my guest in this Charlie Tango talk. Jacob Johansen has spent 20 years in China, and after a brief stop-over in Denmark he has decided to go back and follow how Chinese companies develop with an outside-in approach, much different to what you see in Europe. This leads to a whole category of “new retail” solutions – the topic of Jacobs latest book: “From customer to user”, and the topic of this Charlie Tango talk.

Om Podcasten

In Charlie Tango Talks I invite the most brilliant digital experts and people I really admire for a conversation about how new technologies impact businesses and how they will change our society. Based on 25 years of experience I still have more questions than answers but my curiosity is intact. The language of my monthly talk will vary between Danish and English.