23 Charlie Tango talk med Christina Hvid

The construction industry has a reputation for being one of the most conservative industries, lagging behind when it comes to the technological and digital development. But that is not sustainable. The industry faces a number of major challenges when it comes to building green, a lack of productivity and inefficient project management. Fortunately, a new exciting digital and data driven development is underway and lots of exciting technologies look to turn the way we build upside down. That is the topic of this Charlie Tango talk together with the CEO of Molio – the knowledge center for the Danish construction industry and one of the initiators of Contech Lab

So stay tuned if you want to be updated on the rapid technological development that the construction industry is facing.

Om Podcasten

In Charlie Tango Talks I invite the most brilliant digital experts and people I really admire for a conversation about how new technologies impact businesses and how they will change our society. Based on 25 years of experience I still have more questions than answers but my curiosity is intact. The language of my monthly talk will vary between Danish and English.