District conference planning and the value of a Rotaract voice

Have you ever wonder how to plan a major event like a Rotary District Conference?Hear from Tasmanian Rotarian Sandy Astill, as she talks through all the steps to planning a successful event AND why she invited Rotaractors to be part of her conference committee from the very first meeting.Hosted by RA Vice Chair Holly Corbett.

Om Podcasten

Chats by Rotaract Australia aims to fill in the gap left by dozens of cancelled in-person networking opportunities caused by COVID-19 and connect Rotaractors, Rotarians and clubs doing exciting things. Season 2 of the podcast launches on September 19 2021. The podcast is hosted by Rotaract Australia's Laura Telford and Holly Corbett. Together they have close to two decades of experience in the media industry and are passionate about sharing stories that inspire.