Special Episode: Chat with Incoming Rotary International Director Jessie Harman

We're baaaacccckkkkk! This is a very special bonus episode of Chats by Rotaract Australia that is dynamic, engaging and inspirational! Jessie Harman’s first experience of Rotary was as a participant of RYLA in 1987. Today she is Director-Elect for Rotary International (2021-2023), representing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Listen to hear what this role actually is all about... and learn about why Jessie has an active interest in Rotaract, as well as Rotary’s youth and leadership programs.This special episode is hosted by Rotaract Australia's Communications Director Laura Telford.

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Chats by Rotaract Australia aims to fill in the gap left by dozens of cancelled in-person networking opportunities caused by COVID-19 and connect Rotaractors, Rotarians and clubs doing exciting things. Season 2 of the podcast launches on September 19 2021. The podcast is hosted by Rotaract Australia's Laura Telford and Holly Corbett. Together they have close to two decades of experience in the media industry and are passionate about sharing stories that inspire.