Chat with Harriet Hill

Harriet Hill and I chat about her upcoming live art odyssey, Home-ing, getting into what it is, where she will go and how she arrived at this brilliant project. We talk about words as sculpture, making in a domestic setting, endurance and acts of resistance and making art about politics. We end on family collaborations and absorbing and getting absorbed.  Out take: Harriet Hill will set off  walking from London on 22nd June arriving at her childhood home in Wales on 25th July. To find our more about this project or to meet Harriet along the way you can access her route at or follow her on Instagram We will speak again after her walk and may add some of that conversation to this episode so watch this space…and good luck Harriet. Image: Credit Daniel Crawshaw Links: #home-ing Feminist Library: HOME Slough: OVADA: About Face Theatre Company: Sidney Nolan Trust: Home-ing is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England --- Support this podcast:

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Chats with Artists in Lockdown, is a Podcast of artists talking together. Discussing how the virus has impacted them and their work; what's been lost and what's been discovered. The conversation wanders between artist’s making and thinking and they share their strategies and experiences through this weird time. Support this podcast: