Chat with Jean-Philippe Dordolo

Jean-Philippe Dordolo and I chat about feeling tired and in-between and about revolt, anger and doom. We touch on Brexit and anger as a positive emotion. JP talks about getting his hands dirty, introduces the many mediums he straddles and investigates how he applies himself to different mediums. We talk about drawing as butchery, cast painting as possibly un-painting , the influence of photography on his methodology and process and the beauty in the back of paintings. We talk about making a flat dense image, about ricotta, cheese-cake and tarte tatin and things melting or sweating. We talk about eating cheese like it’s gold and nostrils. JP tells us about his current favourite materials and we talk about his titles, which are always in German and we explore why JP uses and appreciates this language. JP reflects on taking the pressure off under lockdown, slow cooking everything and learning to letting go.  Image: Die Touristen werden uns nie finden 2019 Cast composite, fibreglass, pigments, pastels, plaster, aluminium, acrylic, polyester resin, ping-pong balls, fake eyelashes 208 x 280 x 205 cm Links: --- Support this podcast:

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Chats with Artists in Lockdown, is a Podcast of artists talking together. Discussing how the virus has impacted them and their work; what's been lost and what's been discovered. The conversation wanders between artist’s making and thinking and they share their strategies and experiences through this weird time. Support this podcast: