Dean Kenning Chat

Dean Kenning and I talk about diagramming, John Latham, gravity and pigeons and get into where his kinetic sculpture began in the first place. We talk about the aesthetics of kinetic art and Dean gets into lucozade bottles and pointless fingers. We discuss his recently won Mark Tanner award and the current ideas in progress for it. We talk about dumb vs clever, looking at the stars and trying to leave space to be irritated.  Image: Untitled (Rubber Plant), kinetic sculpture, Matt’s Gallery, 2019. links: --- Support this podcast:

Om Podcasten

Chats with Artists in Lockdown, is a Podcast of artists talking together. Discussing how the virus has impacted them and their work; what's been lost and what's been discovered. The conversation wanders between artist’s making and thinking and they share their strategies and experiences through this weird time. Support this podcast: