Episode 4- Dealing with difficult people and situations

No matter what you do, you will have to deal with difficult people and situations. In this episode, Phil shares tips for dealing with both, how he's never had to fire anyone, how to better manage your team, how he got James to apologise properly and there are some hilarious stories about situations Phil has found himself in. You will be empowered to face up to, or ignore difficult people and cringe at hilarious stories like when Phil asked a non-pregnant customer when her baby was due. 

Om Podcasten

Like many people, James Berg regularly has chats about business and gets advice from his Dad. The difference for James is that his Dad, Phil Berg, is a sought-after speaker and trainer who went from selling carpets on a market stall to presenting, helping and influencing thousands of businesses all over the world. Known for his heartfelt, inspiring and common-sense approach, Phil is one of those rare people who can take an audience on a journey of feel-good emotions; reinforcing belief in themselves and leaving them feeling inspired to pursue their life and business goals. Outside of his speaking engagements, people don't often get the chance to hear Phil's brilliant advice, so James decided to start this podcast to share the business chats him and his Dad have with all of you.