Hack Your Brain; Change Your Life

Hack your brain; change your life.  I live by this!We all experience stress during growth and change, it’s how we are wired.  We all experience it differently, yet we all have good and bad reactions.  Being self-aware is an absolute MUST as a leader; however, what you do with this information is the game-changer.As we progress our careers and grow our businesses, it is essential that we prioritise time for mindset work to ensure that our own brains are not the number 1 derailer or block we have.  Let’s face it, there are enough challenges and complexities out there as a modern leader, we shouldn’t be fighting against ourselves too. Right?Today’s episode I share:How I uncovered my de-railers, and how I navigate them.Why this has been a game-changer for me in my career (and life probably too!) Stories from a few of my leaders … I love a story, don’t you know!The importance of this for leaders to unlock potential and progress their careersSome simple ways you can improve your own ability to navigate stress and growthLet me know what jumps out to you from this episode.JennWatch the FREE Bye Bye Imposter Syndrome class: https://www.jennfenwick.com/bye-imposter-syndromeDownload my “How to job search like a pro” workbook, which walks you through my process and will give you all the prompts you need to start taking action today. https://www.jennfenwick.com/job-hunting-like-a-proWhere to find Jenn:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennfenwick/ Send me a message on LinkedIn to find out more about my PRIVATE COACHING

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Welcome to the Chats With Jenn podcast, this is a podcast for ambitious leaders who want to find the sweet spot between building a career they are proud of, whilst prioritising time for life. Yes, you can do both! Let's face it, modern leadership is a rollercoaster regardless of experience level. At the heart of this podcast is the desire to share hot tips, stories and insights to help you confidently navigate the challenges of work and life. Jenn has supported 1000's of people across the globe as they make bold moves in their careers; described as a "coaching force of nature" and working with her like "rocket fuel", you are in good hands! So, press play...sit back...and let Jenn pull you out of the busy day-to-day and give you some much-needed strategic headspace.