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She predicted we were going to be on a reality show on TLC!

av Chattermouth Podcast | Publicerades 7/20/2021

Penelope (Our Favorite Psychic) predicted the sex of Cher’s baby, The exact date of Cher's Europe trip, and That  Cher and Dawn were GOING TO BE CAST ON A REALITY SHOW ON TLC…. and today she is joining the Chattermouth Podcast to give us the inside scoop on how to channel in on your psychic abilities and the truth about how she became the prominent fortune teller (without ANY advertising) that she is today! To book a Session with Penelope email: PennyM1956@gmail.com Visit our Website and ask us a question!  www.ChattermouthPodcast.com Email: TheChattermouthPodcast@gmail.com Instagram: @ChattermouthPodcast Follow The Hosts:  Dawn- Instagram @Dawn.Hubsher Tiktok/Twitter- @Dawnhubsher Cher- Instagram/Tiktok/Twitter- @Cherhubsher

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