Becoming A Motivational Speaker "Is Not Rocket Science!"

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My guest today is Taylor aka "Taylor Made Speaks." Taylor has earned the reputation as a dedicated Certified Motivational, Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach driven by his unwavering passion to uplift people. To date, he has authored the book, “The Time Is Now.” Born in Toronto Canada and raised in the United States, Taylor’s passion for making a positive impact in the world began early on. However, he felt deeply inspired to become a motivational speaker. Ultimately, he is on a mission to help as many people as possible and harness their infinite potential in order to become their best versions. For over two decades, Taylor proudly served as a Security Expert at the Pentagon and National Security Agency (NSA) and spent nearly a decade in the U.S. Army. Taylor speaks locally and internationally. We want to inspire any of you who either have a story or message to spread or you're ready to show up in the world doing what you're passionate about. CONNECTING WITH TAYLOR MADE SPEAKS: Website: FB: IG: CONNECTING WITH CHERYL: FOR LIFE COACHING SERVICES: TO BOOK CHERYL AS SPEAKER: SOCIAL MEDIA: * INSTAGRAM: @cheryl.getyourlifeback / * TWITTER: (@getyourlifebak * FACEBOOK: * PODCASTS: iTune Apple Podcast: SoundCloud: YouTube Channel: & MOTHER DAUGHTER TALK: * SINGLE WOMEN OF PURPOSE FB GROUP:

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