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Today's guest Oliver Roy inspires me because he is a father who reached out for community resources for mental health assistance for his son and educated himself on mental health issues and trauma. He faced challenges in his journey which he shares in this podcast episode... In Summary, Oliver L. Roy is a native Washingtonian and a mental health advocate with over 15 years of extensive experience of outreach & mental health training. As an outreach representative, parent educator and parent advocate he was responsible for improving parent support by managing, supervising parent training's, workshops & support groups as well as congressional and city council testimony to improving access to services for individuals with mental health & special needs who face health care and social barriers challenges. In addition to creating a research programmatic and policy agenda for a merging public health Issues. Oliver is the founding member of the Male Caregivers Advocacy Support Group, (MCAS) and advocates tirelessly for male caregivers of special needs children through presentations at both local and national organization meetings, training's, workshops... Mr. Roy has worked as Epilepsy Advocate for HSCSN under a grant received from the Department of Health, and served on the Mayor’s Advisory Advocacy Committee on Early Childhood Strategic Planning Task force. Follow Oliver and how to contact him: http://www.thelinnerfoundation.org/ THE LINNER FOUNDATION Phone: 202-780-6303 Email: info@thelinnerfoundation.org thelinnerfoundation@gmail.com Resources for Fathers: http://www.thelinnerfoundation.org/fathers-and-families SOCIAL MEDIA: FB: https://www.facebook.com/thelinnerfoundation MARKETING: To Advertise your program/business/non-profit/services: https://www.facebook.com/linnermn

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