No More Excuses! God's Purpose Troopers to The Rescue!

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Look out for those troopers (supporters/coaches/mentors/friends/family/colleagues/leaders) who come along to push, pressure, probe and prompt (encourage) you to live in your purpose and Godly call. Often we try to make excuses or really have valid reasons and face "road blocks" and unexpected situations that drain our energy, cloud our mindset or discourage us in our efforts to fulfill the mandate on our lives. WE NEED OUR SUPPORTERS (TROOPERS) who keep up motivated and actively pressing toward our godly purpose even under pressure. Trooper: The definition of a trooper is a soldier, police officer or cavalry horse, or is slang for a person who is willing to participate in difficult situations. LINKS TO CONNECT WITH CHERYL: • FOR LIFE COACHING SERVICES: • TO BOOK CHERYL AS SPEAKER: • BLOG: • GET YOUR LIFE BACK ACADEMY: • Landing page for PURPOSE PASSION FINDER WORKSHOP: SOCIAL MEDIA: • INSTAGRAM: @cheryl.getyourlifeback / • TWITTER: (@getyourlifebak • FACEBOOK: PODCASTS: • Google Podcast: • SoundCloud: • iTune Apple Podcast: • YouTube:

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