Organization Can Decrease Stress

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Avsnittet publicerades: 2/4/2020


Let's discuss how organization can decrease your stress level. Developing a system and structure at home, work and personal life in order to manage your time and more. Creating some kind of structure allows you do more and take time out for yourself. Start this new year with new structure and compartmentalized goals. Honestly, I oft have to organize and re-organize when things pile up in a corner, in a box or gets messy in order to function in my personal space, office area and even in my mind. Let's jump in! To receive my FREE GOAL PLANNING CALENDAR email me at - or - dm me on social media: IG: FB: Pinterest: Twitter: TO ORDER MY BOOK: Amazon: Barnes & Noble: Blogs: GET YOUR LIFE BACK: NURTURE NATURALLY BY CHERYL: BOOK FOR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: WANT TO WORK WITH ME: TO SIGN UP FOR MY SIGNATURE PURPOSE PASSION FINDER WORKSHOP: https://get-your-life-back-academy.te... Tags: #howtostayorganized #stressrelief #goalplanning #organizekaos #planner #goalcalendar #confusion #goalplanning2020 #organization #timemanagementtips #getyourhouseinorder #selfcareroutines #organizationhacks #organizationcoach #howtorelievestress #howtomanageyour #lifepurposecoach

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