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“There was something more for me and it was going to take a choice to get to that point. I’m here for more. This isn’t me.” A daughter of a workaholic and alcoholic, it made perfect sense Lauren would turn into both. After never being taught how to deal with emotion, anything that wasn’t a high was bad which led to her chasing the high with alcohol, drugs and work. After a divine moment on NYE 2018 that either came from her mother who passed away or her higher self, she knew it was time to make a change. It took multiple attempts on her own, negotiations and more before she went to rehab and has been sober since.  Now sober for almost 4.5 years Lauren is unrecognizable from years ago and now works with women on their own health journeys.  We talk about how much energy it takes to keep up with life while drinking and how once you quit you have so much energy to live the life you want.  She shares about how she had to let go of ego and the humbling experience of going to rehab and how it was so painful she knew she could never go back there. We dive into the power of the gut-brain-mood connection and how alcohol impacts them all causing so many of the stressors we run from.  It would mean the world to me if you subscribe, leave a review, and share this podcast with your friends, co-workers, and families. This will help the trajectory of this podcast and allow others who are seeking freedom from alcohol to find this podcast. About Lauren Lauren Jewel is a Mind-Body Practitioner, specializing in the Gut-Brain Mood-Connection and Neuro-Identity Evolution—providing a body based approach to mental health. Lauren is on a mission to redefine nourishment as anything that feeds you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her outlook on life is simple, “When we’re disconnected from our body, we’re disconnected from our power. The more you allow yourself to feel, the more you will heal. The ripple effect of which will revolutionize our society (as we know it) when we understand that change in fact happens on the inside."She can be found on Instagram @ Lauren_Michelle_Jewel  About Sober•ish Uprising  At Sober•ish Uprising we find freedom from alcohol on our own terms. Founded by Holly Krivokapich, a former heavy drinker who started a sober•ish uprising of her own and everything changed, we know it's not about saying no to the drink but saying yes to you. Through our podcast, 1:1 coaching and her signature program The Sober•ish Experiment, we support those to create and live their own sober•ish journey.  Follow along on Instagram @soberishhollykrivo or learn more at --- Send in a voice message:

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Welcome to Sober·ish Uprising, a space where we share all versions of sobriety. We believe labeling sobriety as black and white is a limitation to those who know they want to do things differently and complete sobriety doesn’t work for them. On Sober·ish uprising we share sober·ish stories and the freedom that comes when we say no to booze. Hosted by Holly Krivokapich, a certified coach and former heavy drinker, who started a sober·ish journey in 2021 and her world has never been the same.