Vaughn - Being Human, Self Sovereignty, Aligned Planets

“There was a time when I was really challenging myself. I wanted a beer but I felt guilty because I am a spiritual leader. I had to question my who, what, when, what actions. Through allowing myself to explore that gave me the answers of my true self sovereignty.”   Vaughn  is a healer, a priestess and soul alchemist who works with the star energies of the cosmos for greater wisdom, light and healing.  It’s okay I didn’t know what all of this meant either but bonus is that as much as Vaughn plays in the unknown she is also super down to earth.  Vaughn isn’t sober but on a journey of finding peace with how she uses alcohol especially as a healer. She shares how a good IPA brings her back to her humanness after leading women through profound healing which makes sense as alcohol vibes at a lower level energy.  We talk about the importance of going through the pain and not over and how when we try to drink through we prolong the pain and avoid healing.  And how self trust and self sovereignty is the key to all conscious decisions. Check out Vaughn’s amazing podcast Cosmic Healing, or learn more about her at Sober•ish Curious? Let’s connect. I offer several ways to support you in discovery and thriving in your sober•ish life. Visit for more information and resources. Remember it’s not about saying no to booze but yes to you! About Sober•ish Uprising  At Sober•ish Uprising we find freedom from alcohol on our own terms. Founded by Holly Krivokapich, a former heavy drinker who started a sober•ish uprising of her own and everything changed, we know it's not about saying no to the drink but saying yes to you. Through our podcast, 1:1 coaching and group coaching, we support those to create and live their own sober•ish journey.  --- Send in a voice message:

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Welcome to Sober·ish Uprising, a space where we share all versions of sobriety. We believe labeling sobriety as black and white is a limitation to those who know they want to do things differently and complete sobriety doesn’t work for them. On Sober·ish uprising we share sober·ish stories and the freedom that comes when we say no to booze. Hosted by Holly Krivokapich, a certified coach and former heavy drinker, who started a sober·ish journey in 2021 and her world has never been the same.