Zoltan Biro - Chill Out Session 434

Chill Out Part 1.Little Dragon - Feather (Fromwood Remix) 2.Alex Cortiz - Midnight Glances 3.Jose Padilla feat. Lydmor - Maybe The Sunset 4.Didascalis - Together 5.Michael E - Faraway 6.Photo In Lounge - Before Dawn 7.Yello feat. Till Brnner - Till Tomorrow 8.Satin Sound System - Ethno Eclipse 9.Chubbanak Club - Candy Snow 10.Christophe Goze - Hi Honey 11.Current Surrounds - Mercury s Love Maze 12.Soulstance - Blue Grassland 13.Thievery Corporation - The Glass And Bead Game Special Mix : Nobuto Suda (JP) 1.Nobuto Suda - Nine 2.Nobuto Suda - Anim 3.Nobuto Suda - Three 4.Nobuto Suda - One 5.Nobuto Suda - Four 6.Nobuto Suda - Merge Ambient Part 1.Bengalfuel - Spirit Therein 2.Hotel Neon - 6.59 AM 3.Steve Hauschildt - Eyelids Gently Dreaming 4.Biosphere - Angel's Flight 5.Nthng - Encounters At The End Of The World 6.Forest Management - Remote Rail Ex © Chill Out Session 2011 - 2021 Cover : Esteban Amaro / unsplash.com including: Special Mix, Nobuto Suda (JP) : mixed by: Zoltan Biro https://chilloutsessionworld.blogspot.com https://facebook.com/zoltanbiroChillOutSession Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Qv3nb0C1qiVFZD68VktfJ?si=JtUpLYy3RISgvzsbL8-Luw&nd=1 © All Rights Reserved to the artists! The Podcast is for the promotion use only!

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Every week new session - Listen and Relax Style: ambient, chill out, oriental, lounge, eclectic and alternative For more info check out the official page: http://chilloutsessionworld.blogspot.com Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Chill Out Session