The Spem Episode

av CHORAL CHIHUAHUA | Publicerades 5/25/2020

Thomas Tallis' motet 'Spem in alium' for 40 separate parts is a piece every singer of early choral music knows and has stories about. Harry, Robert and Eamonn have recorded it as singers and conductors and give us their take on this infamous monster of Tudor polyphony.

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Om Podcasten

Choral Chihuahua is a new podcast series in which three British choral directors chat about things that matter to them: composers they love, points of choral technique, classic but also niche choral works, other groups and singers they admire. What is a tertiary shift and does it matter to anyone except Robert? Why was Harry first drawn to the music of James Macmillan? Can Eamonn explain why all singers should embrace their internal choral chihuahua? With a light-hearted touch, three stalwarts of the UK's hugely varied choral scene chew the choral cud about how (and why) you do it and what they've learnt along the way. Choral Chihuahua is brought to you by I Fagiolini and The Sixteen and produced by Percius, The Sixteen and Polyphonic Films. It's supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and I Fagiolini Charitable Trust.

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