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Dropping Pride to Take Up Our Cross

av Christ Is Key Podcast | Publicerades 1/18/2021

What is pride? How does pride contrast humility? Where in Sacred Scripture do we see both pride and humility lived out? In this episode of Christ Is Key, we take a look at the lives of Moses of the Old Testament and Mary of the New Testament- how they served God and how their servanthood relates to the coming of Jesus Christ. ------------------------------------------- *Shownotes*  ------------------------------------------- St. Anthony the Great Quote: “Do not allow yourselves to grow weary. Do not be seduced by pride in your achievement. For the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory to come that will be revealed to us (Romans 8:18). No one, once he has rejected the world, should think that he has left behind anything of importance, because the whole earth, compared to the infinity of the heavens, is small and limited. Even if we renounce the whole world, we cannot give anything in exchange which is of similar value to the heavenly dwellings. If each person considers this he will immediately realize that if he abandons a few acres of land or a small house or a moderate sum of gold, he ought not to feel proud of himself in the belief that he has given up a lot. Nor should he become despondent, thinking that he will receive only a little in return." ------------------------------------------- Index: Intro: 00:00 Quote from St. Anthony The Great: 01:35 Pride: 05:19 Moses and Pride: 05:52 Humility: 10:12 Moses and Humility: 10:47 Mary and Humility: 17:23 Christ Sets Us Free: 23:22 Taking Up Our Cross 24:43 Review: 25:43 Prayer 27:31 ------------------------------------------- Bible Verses Referenced:  Romans 8:18 John 15:16 Luke 9:62 Matthew 16:24 Exodus 3: 4-14 (Moses and the Burning Bush) John 8:44 Genesis 3:1, 8 Numbers 12:3 Proverbs 3: 5-6 Matthew 7:13 Matthew 23:11-12 Philipians 2:6-13 Hebrews 2:9 Luke 1: 46-55 (The Magnificat) 1 Corinthians 15:22 John 8: 31-34 John 16:33 John 14:27 ------------------------------------------- Catechism of the Catholic Church reference (#494) ------------------------------------------- Read the Bible Read Life of Anthony by Athanasius Website Instagram Facebook E-mail Me:  ------------------------------------------- Episode Art: Third Station of the cross, Via Dolorosa  (Painting Photographed by Brad Beaman, 2007) ------------------------------------------- Thank you for tuning in! Peace and all good things. 

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