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NY Cider Association | Ex Dir. S.Ramsey

av Cider Chat Live | Publicerades 4/17/2020

Bonus Cider Chat Live with the New York Cider Association's Scott Ramsey

Scott Ramsey stepped into his role as Executive Director of the New York Cider Association on March 1, 2020.

New York State was soon to become the hot spot for Covid-19. In short, Scott started his new job while a global pandemic was raging world wide and quickly spreading in the US.

The Northeastern Cider Conference scheduled for later that same month in Albany, NY need to be addressed. Within days, the Association made the executive decision to postpone the 3 day conference.

In this chat we find out a bit more about Scott’s background and what the Association is currently working on and what opportunities lie ahead for this active apple state.

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