299 - Scarface (1983)

"The world is yours." For Episode 299, David and Brandon return from CineNation's hiatus to kick off their series on Mobsters and Mafia. Listen as they discuss Brian De Palma's remake of SCARFACE, starring Al Pacino. They talk about the film's origins, the conflict between De Palma and the film's screenwriter Oliver Stone, and how it was received during its initial release.  Opening Banter (00:00:10) Intro to the Mobster/Mafia Genre (00:04:19) Intro to Scarface 1983 (00:13:43) How Scarface Got to Production (00:25:47) Favorite Scenes (00:38:58) On Set Life - (01:07:28) Aftermath: Release and Legacy (01:18:18) What Worked and What Didn’t (01:28:53) Film Facts (01:35:44) Awards (01:38:38) Final Questions (01:43:10) Preview for Next Episode (01:49:47) Contact Us: Facebook: @cinenation Instagram: @cinenationpodcast Twitter/X: @CineNationPod TikTok: @cinenation Letterboxd: CineNation Podcast E-mail: cinenationpodcast@gmail.com

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