301 - A History of Violence (2005)

"I should've killed you back in Philly." For Episode 301, Thomas and Brandon return to David Cronenberg's filmography to discuss A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Listen as they talk about the film's casting of Viggo Mortenson, the big changes they made from the original graphic novel, and how a Canadian filmmaker like Cronenberg captured the violence within America.  Opening Banter (00:00:10) Recap of the Mobster Genre (00:06:24) Intro to A History of Violence (00:10:22) How A History of Violence Got to Production (00:16:42) Favorite Scenes (00:27:19) On Set Life - (00:52:33) Aftermath: Release and Legacy (00:57:12) What Worked and What Didn’t (01:02:31) Film Facts (01:08:01) Awards (01:12:51) Final Questions (01:18:47) Preview for Next Episode (01:29:36) Contact Us: Facebook: @cinenation Instagram: @cinenationpodcast Twitter/X: @CineNationPod TikTok: @cinenation Letterboxd: CineNation Podcast E-mail: cinenationpodcast@gmail.com

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