305 - Bring It On (2000)

"When we beat you, we'll know it's because we're better." For Episode 305, Brandon and Thomas discuss the most famous cheerleading movie. Listen as they talk about the struggles of BRING IT ON's development, the casting of the film against a rival cheerleading movie, and how the movie was a surprise hit in the summer of 2000.   Opening Banter (00:00:10) Recap to the Rivalry Genre (00:06:15) Intro to Bring It On (00:09:56) How Bring It On Got to Production (00:17:27) Favorite Scenes (00:35:13) On Set Life - (00:58:36) Aftermath: Release and Legacy (01:02:29) What Worked and What Didn’t (01:13:38) Film Facts (01:23:08) Awards (01:25:41) Final Questions (01:31:27) Preview for Next Week (01:36:58) Contact Us: Facebook: @cinenation Instagram: @cinenationpodcast Twitter/X: @CineNationPod TikTok: @cinenation Letterboxd: CineNation Podcast E-mail: cinenationpodcast@gmail.com

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