310 - Unforgiven (1992)

"I'll see you in hell, William Munny." For Episode 310, David and Brandon continue CineNation's Gene Hackman month with UNFORGIVEN. Listen as they discuss Hackman's apprehension in taking the project, how he worked with Eastwood, and why it is easily one of Hackman's best performances.  Also, don't forget to join our Patreon for more exclusive content: Get your tickets now for our screening of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - The Director's Cut at the Nuart Theatre:  Announcement: Little Shop of Horrors (00:00:00) Opening Banter (00:01:01) Recap of Gene Hackman Month (00:09:39) Intro to Unforgiven (00:14:07) Catching Up on Gene Hackman (00:20:44) How Unforgiven Got to Production (00:29:54) Favorite Scenes (00:37:31) On Set Life - (01:06:05) Aftermath: Release and Legacy (01:18:01) What Worked and What Didn’t (01:22:06) Film Facts (01:26:01) Awards (01:26:42) Final Questions (01:32:06) Preview for Next Week (01:42:40) Contact Us: Facebook: @cinenation Instagram: @cinenationpodcast Twitter/X: @CineNationPod TikTok: @cinenation Letterboxd: CineNation Podcast E-mail: cinenationpodcast@gmail.com

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