THROWBACK: The Parent Trap: The Filmography of Nancy Meyers

"May your life be far less complicated than mine." For the final throwback episode of our hiatus, let's look back to August 2021 for our series on female filmmakers. During the third part of the series, Brandon and Thomas discussed the works of Nancy Meyers. They talked about her early life, her filmography, and why she should be considered an auteur.  Throwback Intro - (00:00:00) Opening (00:04:16) Recap of the Female Filmmaker Month (00:05:13) Intro to Nancy Meyers (00:06:28) Nancy Meyers’s Life (00:15:29) The Parent Trap (00:24:33) What Women Want - (00:37:03) Something’s Gotta Give (00:46:43) Stars Reacting to Nancy Meyers (00:55:13) The Holiday (00:58:36) It’s Complicated (01:07:46) The Intern (01:12:54) Stats (01:21:42) Final Questions (01:23:32) Preview for Next Episode (01:31:47) Contact Us: Facebook: @cinenation Instagram: @cinenationpodcast Twitter/X: @CineNationPod TikTok: @cinenation Letterboxd: CineNation Podcast E-mail:

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