Clever Creature with Jason Gots

coming 5/12/2020: Clever Creature with Jason Gots

av Clever Creature with Jason Gots | Publicerades 12/8/2019

Hey there, this is Jason Gots. You know that scene in the Matrix where Neo plugs his brain into a computer and learns martial arts in like 5 seconds? The past five years have been  sort of like that for me. I’ve read about a book a week, and I’m not a fast reader. And I’ve sat down with many of my intellectual and creative heroes to talk about pretty much everything. It’s been an education in how to listen and so much more.But now it’s time for something new.  a real creative leap of faith.On May 12th I’ll be launching my new podcast: Clever Creature. For each episode I’ll write a song and a short story, both inspired by a random word picked out by an algorithm. Could that word be “buttocks”? Absolutely. Could it be “transcendence”? It could! Whatever it is, I gotta roll with it. There’s no place to hide.I have so much more to share with you—special guests, audience participation... But for now, All you clever creatures and closet creatives out there, please subscribe to Clever Creature, wherever you get your podcasts. 

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A creative leap of faith from Jason Gots, producer and host of Think Again – a Big Think Podcast. For anyone who’s ever made something strange and beautiful that never saw the light of day, Clever Creature is the end to all our good excuses. Each episode starts with an algorithmically picked random word. And Jason has just one day to write short story and a song inspired by it. Could that word be "buttock?" Absolutely it could. Whatever it is, Jason has to roll with it. There's nowhere to hide. About the host: From 2015-2020, Jason hosted Think Again – a Big Think Podcast, spontaneous, down-to-earth conversations on surprise topics with thinkers and creatives including Neil Gaiman, Jaqueline Woodson, Terry Gilliam, Margaret Atwood, David Sedaris, Marlon James, and over 200 more. The show was an iTunes Best of 2015 pick and won praise from Salon, Inc. and The Huffington Post. Jason’s also the author of a memoir coming in 2021 from Hanover Square Press.