Climate Quickie: What anti-apartheid can teach the climate movement

From protesting on the front lines against the apartheid in South Africa to sitting in the boardrooms of global climate change and human rights organisations, Kumi Naidoo is a lifelong activist with a tonne of experience in how to make people in power sit up and take notice. The only way? Through music, dance, culture – ‘artivism’, says Kumi, in this week’s Climate Quickie. “When I started as a 15 year old, I had an intuitive sense of injustice. [...] What I learned in the first sort of 10 years of my activism was probably the most instructive. I wish I had hung on to some of the core lessons even stronger than I did. But I got contaminated a little bit along the way, by the idea of doing things where you had big logos and marketing and communications,” says Kumi. If you enjoyed this quickie, why not listen to Kumi’s full 2-part episode on the #ClimateCuriousPod – How culture can help us win the climate war:

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