How seaweed reduces cow burps

Gassy cows no more – Ermias Kebreab, animal scientist and TED speaker shares how feeding cows seaweed reduces their methane filled burps on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon. Tune in with Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst live from TED Countdown to learn why stopping eating meat and dairy is not an option for most people in the world, how approaching food with a different sort of sustainability mindset is key, and why we already have the solutions we need – it’s right there, in that slimy smelly stuff wrapped around our ankles at the beach – seaweed! As this visionary Burger King puts it, “it’s a win, win, win situation.” Even Ben says he’s “feeling really, really, really encouraged.” Kerching! We’ve hit the climate jackpot this week.

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