Why climate has a youthwashing problem

Youthwashing is the latest corporate eco marketing strategy. But young climate activists aren't falling for it, says environmental educator Isaias Hernandez, aka @QueerBrownVegan on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon. In a bid to try and clean up their image, multinational businesses (usually with a vested interest in fossil fuels), feature WAY too many young faces in their ads… and we’re over it. In this chat with co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst, learn what institutionalised racism feels like in the climate movement (from someone on the inside), why we need to push for multigenerational wisdom as opposed to piling the pressure on young people to save the world, and how foraging for mushrooms is the perfect eco self-care activity to try today. Tune in to learn why climate has a #youthwashing problem. Learn more: https://tedxlondon.com/podcast/climate-curious-why-climate-has-a-youthwashing-problem/ Check out Isaias’ page, @queerbrownvegan: https://queerbrownvegan.com/

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Are you Climate Curious? If you care about the world, but find the current conversation about climate change confusing, scary or boring – then this might be the podcast for you. Join TEDxLondon and hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst as we lift the lid on the climate emergency by speaking to the world’s leading and most relatable climate pioneers. Find out why cities are key to the climate fight, why we need to tackle systemic problems (and not just plastic straws), and why we’re all a bit crap at sustainability.