Doja Cat Speaks On Misogynistic Views Of Female Rappers & How She Handled Being Culturally Canceled

There is no doubt that Doja Cat has experienced a whirlwind since infamously dropping "Mooo!" which shows the multi-faceted artist dressed as a cow, placing french fries up her nose. While Doja explains to Nick Cannon in the latest Power Mornings interview that the song changed her life, she shares that there was no mistake in releasing the record and that she hoped to reach the level of success she now holds.  Stopping through for a virtual conversation, with Mornings' host Cannon, the "Woman" singer touches on a range of topics from societal views on female rappers and misconceptions when it comes to her intelligence, her perspective on being culturally canceled on several occasions, as well as sharing her top five artists and Doja looks, plus much more.  For the 'Planet Her" femcee, being "canceled" has been a growing and learning experience as she explains she's taken accountability for her past infractions and even gives Nick Cannon advice on how to deal with the public scrutiny. Doja also shares that while society and the industry only look to women in rap to be one-dimensional, the singer dispels that women in her position are no one-trick ponies and are intelligent and free beings.  Doja also takes time to share her Top 5 favorite artists, which include the likes of Drake, Erykah Badu, and Nicki Minaj, as well as her favorite comedians, and past red carpet looks she's effortlessly conquered.  See for privacy information.

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