Jay Pharoah Discusses 'Spittin Image' EP w50 Cent, Ice Cube Impersonations & Jay-Z's Lyricism

Jay Pharoah is without a doubt one of the most brilliant talents in the game when it comes to comedic relief and his accomplished career has led him to exactly where he is now. A distinguished SNL alum, the multi-talented actor went through somewhat of a re-birth after leaving the acclaimed late-night show, Pharoah currently has a new EP where he puts his talents to the next level with impersonations featured on 'Spittin Image.' Taking some of his favorite artists and utilizing his nearly perfect impersonations, Jay speaks on his upbringing and how the murder of his teenage friend helped him go after his dreams. Pharoah also tells Teddy Mora and Demi Lobo, of the Power Mornings show, that his favorite rapper's song "Beach Chair" helped him out of his depression and made him appreciate Jay-Z's lyricism. Jay goes on to speak his Top 3 sketch comedy shows of all time, shares how Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Drake would respond to a Verzuz battle, and much more. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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