Rotimi Talks Tank Collab On New 'All Or Nothing' Album & Balancing Being Sex Icon While Engaged

Rotimi has been on his come up for quite some time and with his solidified success in television and film, the multi-talented artist is ready to cement his artistry in the music realm. As the actor-singer has a lot to juggle between new acting gigs and music ventures, his much anticipated 'All Or Nothing' album is due this week and it shows the artist connecting with the likes of Yung Bleu, Tank, and many more. Rotimi tells the Power Mornings co-hosts Teddy Mora, Demi Lobo, and Noah Ayala that the project took a year and a half to finally come together, and fans can expect a little bit of everything from him, including singing, rapping, wedding songs, and even songs for your family. In addition to his discussion for the love of music and his new album, Rotimi takes a moment to share how he continues to hold down his fiance, as it's a love he doesn't want to hide. Rotimi goes on to talk about his upcoming film projects, how he's focused on outworking everybody, shares his most memorable Kobe Bryant moment, and much more. See for privacy information.

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