Ep. 56 | Think Like A Doctor

Join the Club! EPISODE 56 of the  Close the Deal Without Selling Podcast In this episode we are moving to the fourth of the Easier Way to Sell Guidelines. This guideline is called Think Like a Doctor  Why think like a doctor? Aren't we talking about sales? Think of it this way... Doctors are Curious, Authentic, and Neutral. Doctors diagnose before they prescribe. Doctors get information... not give it. Doctors ask diagnostic open-ended questions. Think Like a Doctor. The second segment deals with the inability to keep quiet when selling. Sure. You might be able to be quiet for a bit of time, but it's uncomfortable. After all, you've got things to say. Well. Instead of shutting up as way of being quiet we're going to take a look at shutting down your response mechanism. Don't Shut -Up. Shut Down. What part can Artificial Intelligence play in the realm of Sales Training? Wingman CEO, Shruti Kapoor, explains some of the advances in technology that allow for the use of Ai while you're actually on a sales call. What might it mean to you and your sales effectiveness if you had a "little voice in your ear" telling you in real time to talk less or ask a well-formed question? What might the impact on your quest for selling success be with an AI sales "wingman" by your side? Truly a fascinating conversation. Enjoy the podcast.   Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider Please Leave a Review  Good Selling    

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