Escapism & Imagination with Bárbara Malagoli

Bárbara Malagoli‘s work is in a world of its own. This week on the Closer&Closer Podcast, she explains the inspiration behind her utopian, dream-like illustrations and shapely, feminine subjects. To hear how she builds these magical worlds, and why they’re so important to her, listen in. Hosted by Dave Arcade and Andrea Mejia-Madriz. Podcast Art by Dave Coleman. To learn more about Closer&Closer, visit

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Closer&Closer Podcast where we're all about expanding your creative potential. Each week we have inspiring creatives to help you grow your freelance career. Hosted by Andrea Mejia-Madriz (Artist Marketing & Partnerships, Closer&Closer), Dave Arcade (Illustrator, repped by Closer&Closer), and Drew Melton (Founder, Closer&Closer) Podcast Art by Dave Coleman