Club Room 275 with Anja Schneider

Hi my friends, The 275th edition of Club Room is dedicated to the one and only DJ Deeon, who sadly passed away last week. He was a tremendous inspiration to me, and his contribution to the scene was simply immense! Few artists can match his artistry. I hope you enjoy this tribute to his incredible talent and legacy! Tracklist: DJ DEEON - ME4GAN NYCO - Interlude NYCO - echelon Cromby - mythology DJ DEEON - Shake It Around DJ No New News - Dancefloor Disentchantment DJ DEEON - ExtaC 909 RZI Session DJ DEEON - Free Fall Max watts - Dusk NYCO - Reflex DJ DEEON - Gallop Janine - dub Tool ( OFF / Grid Remix) DJ Deeon - The Truth Tears For Fears - Shout made by Pete Remix

Om Podcasten

Anja Schneider is a DJ, producer, radio broadcaster, label boss, tireless creative force and mentor; recognised in 2021 with theaward of a Honour Prize by The Berlin Music Commission for having had “an outstanding impact on the music scene.” asrecognition for her work supporting fellow artists and cultural institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Anjacontinues to operate as one of electronic music’s most vital artists, currently focused on multiple projects including her Sous Music record label, the main home for Anja’s own productions and avant guard artists she admires, plus ‘Club Room’ an internationally syndicated weekly radio show and ‘ClubRoom: Backstage’-a thriving interview podcast series. For more media info contact: