Paris & Poker

Get the behind the scenes scoop on our real life meetup in Paris - we share the fun AND the lessons as we recap on this trip, aha moments and brain breaking conversations. We ALSO talk about poker, more specifically what poker can teach us about coaching, life and business. This episode is packed full of laughs, coaching and value for you. Enjoy! P.S. Have a burning question you want answered? Message us on IG: Simone: Vikki:

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Coaches Unfiltered. This was almost called "f*ck sh*t up", because we do. Expect honest, direct, no BS conversations around coaching, building a coaching business and being a coach. Listen and learn for what they don't teach you in certification. All topics are on the table, and if you have a topic you would like to submit contact Simone or Vikki on Instagram:;