Russ Meyerriecks Cozy MKIV N65TM

Russ is a very active and motivated Cozy Mark IV Builder. Based at Kilo Hotel Serria Victor near Huntsville, Alabama, he and his wife Kristy share their home with their two dogs in the shadow of the famous US Army Redstone Arsenal and US Space Camp for the past nine years.  Russ’s early career accomplishments include connections to America’s space program where he participated in both the ThOR Project In Huntsville where Russ helped design technology to map lightning strikes from orbiting satellites and the Reduced Gravity Program at the Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston where he flew in a KC-135 to complete a study of human reaction learning curves in microgravity. Russ is building a Cozy MkIV that is now in the contouring phase. He has hopes of starting flight testing this summer. Among their top goals, Russ and Kristy hope to benefit from the Cozy’s long range and high efficiency with a trip to the Bahamas from Huntsville International-Carl T Jones Field.  UPDATE: Russ has completed his Cozy IV and is now flying! --- Support this podcast:

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