Terry Schubert N9TS Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ 1986

Welcome to our very first CanardCast! This episode features the former Central States editor of 30 years and owner of N9TS, the C.1.A world altitude record holding aircraft that he built.  This Audio presentation is published to the public Podcast distribution RSS feeds so you may listen to these using any Podcast listening application you prefer. To learn more about podcasts, simply google search Podcasts.  We hope you enjoy CanardCast brought to you by the Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA). If you have feedback on format, stories or other suggestions, please let us know at the COBA website -->  Contact Us page. ABOUT THE PHOTO: Terry said, "That was shot at New Philadelphia, OH (KPHD).  Lead is Terry Lamp in his Long-EZ N977JT, which he sold to Marco.  I'm wing man in Long-EZ N9TS.  It was a fun day." --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rutancoba/support

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