From Strangers, to Members, To Franchise Partners in Less Than One Year With Carey Tump and Karen Pederson

Carey and Karen's conversation with Morgan was a bold and vulnerable look behind the scenes at what it looks like to partner with a friend and take bold leaps knowing that being "ready" isn't a real thing! These powerhouse women started off as most of us do, strangers, when they walked into Burn Boot Camp. They met on the floating floor a few months later after they showed up at the holiday party in the exact same outfit - a perfect conversation starter! They got to talking, became more than just acquaintances on the floating floor, and shortly thereafter decided to go into business with one another while still getting to know each other.Through bold leaps of faith, holding each other in a place of grace, and overcoming grief, these women have been through it all and carved out a piece of the Waukesha community that they are proud to call their home. Listen along as these women open up and share their personal journies that not only led them to one another but to opening a Burn Boot Camp just months after their first official meeting.

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Morgan Kline is a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an entrepreneur, and the COO and Co-Founder of Burn Boot Camp. On “Coffee & Kettlebells” Morgan shares with you some of her favorite things: motherhood, business, mind & body wellness, fitness and interviews with experts.