Nicu Mom and Multi-Unit Franchise Partner Teryl Greist on Having a Positive Mindset, Trusting Your People, and Overcoming Hardships

Multi-unit franchise partner in Kentucky and Ohio, alongside her soon-to-be husband Tom. They currently own 5 locations. She has 2 children; one of which who has had to overcome extreme circumstances. Her daughter was born prematurely and is now a healthy, thriving junior in high school!Teryl is an OG Burn Member who has been a part of the family since the parking lot days. She is a member, turned franchise partner, turned multi-unit franchise partner who gets to impact five communities.Teryl’s family is at the heart of everything she does and an integral part of her story. Teryl delivered her daughter at 27 weeks, who weighed just 1lb 7oz.  She shares her NICU journey and what that experience has propelled her to do with her life. She has been called to help others in similar situations and get involved with charities and foundations to serve others.How can you help? Join the cause. 🐝💛  https://earlybirdfoundation

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