Maxwell Colonnna-Dashwood - Coffee with COVID-19 Podcast - Episode 9

Welcome to the Coffee with COVID-19 Podcast. A continuous series investigating the impact of COVID-19 on various different levels of the coffee industry. Our ninth episode is a conversation with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. Founder of Colonna Coffee and three-time UK Barista Champion. Having opened Colonna & Smalls in Bath in 2009, Colonna has gone on to expand the realms of his business to include a roastery, compostable coffee capsule production, and a more recent focus on water filtration equipment specifically designed to improve the quality of water for coffee brewing. You can find timestamps to each question covered in this episode below: 2:32 - What was your initial reaction to COVID-19? 6:05 - How has COVID-19 affected your various different projects? 18:51 - How do you increase the diversity of your strategy? 23:44 - What are your predictions for the near future? 29:44 - Conclusions and closing discussion If you enjoyed this content, make sure to check out our Patreon as we have several different ways that you can join and support our community: Patreon enables us to work on projects such as this one, and we're very appreciative of your support which ensures that we can continue producing sponsor free media content. You can contact us or our collaborators using any of the channels below: *********************************** Instagram: Webshop: Youtube: Podcast: @coffee-with-april Patreon: Email: / Music by Andrew Blumhagen @andrew-blumhagen…7I1Ka7MClE

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