The Challenges and Opportunities of Sourcing Our African Green Coffee | Coffee with April - Extended

This week, we’re at the roastery discussing some of the challenges and opportunities that we face when sourcing coffee in Africa. We love African coffee. Ethiopia and Kenya are two legendary producing countries known for their high quality and distinct cup profiles; however both countries present unique challenges. Namely, the structure and scale of the cooperative systems, the existing coffee infrastructure, and the national systems for coffee grading. In this episode, we unpack some of the variables of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee production, comparing how these systems differ from those of our partner farmers in Costa Rica and Brazil, as well as discussing the potential opportunities to increase the quality and traceability of our sourcing in the future. There is so much to unpack within this subject that we’ve recorded an extended discussion as an audio-only podcast episode. You can find that episode and more on SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify, as well as on our April Media website.

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