Plastic Waste Is Swallowing the Earth and Invading Our Bodies

av ColdFusion | Publicerades 8/16/2019

Millions of tons of plastic wastes are dumped into the environment every, year polluting our oceans and even invading our bodies. The amount of plastic humans eat every year is rising at an alarming rate as the ubiqiutous packaging material is now even found in snow that turns into our drinking water. Plastic can take hundreds, or even thousands of years to break down. As economies of Asian countries such as China begin to mature, the plastic waste problem has only gotten worse. Will the earth and all of it's inhabitants be engulfed in a blanket of life-killing plastic? Maybe not. ColdFusion host Dagogo takes a look at the plastic waste epidemic and discovers that we may already have solutions to reverse the tide. Solutions that include cutting edge technology and incentives for the biggest plastic polluting nations to start recycling on a massive scale.  

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