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Joel Edgerton to Return as Owen Lars in Obi-Wan Series? - Jedi Council

av Collider Jedi Council | Publicerades 10/3/2019

Today on Jedi Council, the panel covers the news that Joel Edgerton, maybe, sorta, kindsa hinted at his return as Owen Lars on the Disney+ streaming series. Which makes a lot of sense naturally. We also discuss Chris Terrio’s comments about Rey in The Rise of Skywalker, plus a new alien from the movie has been revealed and we also break down some Force Friday goodness that starts tomorrow! Plus, What’s the Deal with Canon and your Twitter questions!Jedi Council host Kristian Harloff is joined as always by Ken Napzok, with returning guest, the great Emma Fyffe joining the Council to discuss the biggest news in the Star Wars universe and beyond. You can watch #jedicouncil every Thursday. #StarWars #TheRiseofSkywalker #TheMandalorian #TheCloneWars #VaderImmortalFollow Kristian: Follow Ken: Follow Emma:

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