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This week on Jedi Council: it’s getting close to #TheRiseOfSkywalker and we have new tv spots, a legacy trailer and Richard E Grant’s reaction to seeing the movie! Plus, some SPOILER talk on The Mandalorian’s latest episode and Josh macuga makes an appearance with Silly Star Wars Questions for Serious Fans! Plus we answer a bunch of your Twitter questions! Today's episode is brought to you by Heroes & Villains - check out their "Warriors of Mandalore" collection including three EXCLUSIVE items celebrating #TheMandalorian - save 10% off your entire purchase, on top of all holiday promotions, with the code JEDI10: MANDALORIAN SPOILERS START AT __(around 35 min mark)___ END AT ______ #ColliderJediCouncil host Ken Napzok is joined by Emma Fyffe and Andres “Ace” Cabrera to discuss and celebrate the biggest news in the #StarWars universe and beyond. Read Collider’s Guide to The Mandalorian, Week 3: Deepfake roundtable featuring George Lucas & Ewan McGregor impressions: #TheMandalorian #TheRiseofSkywalker Follow Ken: Follow Emma: Follow Ace: Follow Josh::

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