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Rule of Two Ep 65 - Star Wars Fandom: I Have a Bad Feeling About This

av Collider Jedi Council | Publicerades 11/4/2019

It’s an all new #RuleOfTwo and this week, Fernandez and Reilly welcome in Joshua Lucas from Den of Nerds! We’ll talk the fandom from Star Wars - do we need to have a bad feeling about this? Or is there room for everyone in the Star Wars pool? Will The Rise of Skywalker unite everyone or will it be more of the same? #RuleOfTwo is a celebration of the #StarWars universe, featuring breaking news and a deep dive down the rabbit hole talking everything from a galaxy far, far away. Find the show, hosted by Collider's Mark Reilly & Marc Fernandez, every week on Collider Video and on the Jedi Council podcast feed. #RISE

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Our weekly reports from the Star Wars Universe! Join Jedi Council hosts Ken Napzok, Emma Fyffe, and Ace Cabrera as they bring their unique experiences to the latest Star Wars news in movies, television, comics, clothing, and more. Plus, speculate on the future of the franchise from the Sith perspective with Rule of Two.