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Today on Jedi Council, the panel covers, you guessed it, the trailer. The final trailer for Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker landed on Monday and with it, all the speculation you can handle. Kristian and Ken are here to dive in, and break it down as well as all the rest of the news that broke along with the trailer. And of course, we look at What’s the Deal with Canon and answer your Twitter questions! Rank your favorite Star Wars Movies! Deep-Fake George Lucas Reacts to The Rise of Skywalker Trailer! See our EPIC office lightsaber battle: Jedi Council host Kristian Harloff is joined as always by Ken Napzok to discuss the biggest news in the Star Wars universe and beyond. You can watch #jedicouncil every Thursday. #StarWars #TheRiseofSkywalker #TheMandalorian #TheCloneWars #VaderImmortal Follow Kristian: Follow Ken: Subscribe to Collider Videos ? ? Breaking Entertainment News ? ? Get Social! ? ? ? More from Collider ? ? ??Collider Live: ??Celebrity Interviews: ??Video Games: ??Sports: ?????Pro Wrestling: ??Podcasts:

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