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Olga Koch: Fight

av Comedy of the Week | Publicerades 10/21/2019

In 2014, Olga Koch’s father got stopped by authorities on the Russian border, which resulted in the most surreal year of her family’s life. Olga takes the listener behind the iron curtain, giving us an insight into what it was like to grow up in the newly-formed Russian Federation, how Putin's Russia came about, and why her family now live in exile in Munich. Based on Olga's hit Edinburgh Award-nominated show, Fight is the battle cry for a generation that takes freedom for granted, inspired by a generation that grew up without it. Written and performed by Olga Koch. Co-written by Charlie Dinkin. Recorded by Jerry Peal. Production coordinated by Candace Wilson. Photograph by James Deacon. Produced and edited by Matt Stronge. Olga Koch: Fight is a BBC Studios production.

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