Companion Piece

1 - The Unearthly Child

av Companion Piece | Publicerades 3/2/2021

On our first deep dive, we explore the adventures of Susan Foreman, discussing her time in the TARDIS, both on TV and in Big Finish, as well as her life after her travels with the Doctor, We also ramble on about other companions, typecasting, and Cult TV in the first of our many tangents, And we announce out first Quiz and Big Finish Listen! Thanks to our Twitter friends, you can find us @companion_pod, and individually @irene_wildthyme & @ode_ollie Next Time: Ben Jackson!

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A podcast exploring the Doctor’s companions and their travels through time and space. Join two fans as they discuss, with the help of friends and fellow fans, the many friends and allies of the Doctor, from Susan, Ian, and Barbara, to Yaz, Graham and Ryan, and beyond!