Companion Piece

2 - The Sailor on Shore Leave

av Companion Piece | Publicerades 3/16/2021

Welcome to our most rambling episode yet, we discuss Ben Jackson, his travels with both the First and Second Doctors, on tv, audio, and novels, We also cover other companions, psycho-analysis, the divisiveness of characters, and how to get a hold on a companion with only one full story We also announce the prize for our Ben quiz, and which Big Finish audios we've chosen for our next Listen (Apologies for the background noise during part of this episode, hopefully it won't affect your enjoyment!) Next time, Rose Tyler! (It'll be a big one!)

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A podcast exploring the Doctor’s companions and their travels through time and space. Join two fans as they discuss, with the help of friends and fellow fans, the many friends and allies of the Doctor, from Susan, Ian, and Barbara, to Yaz, Graham and Ryan, and beyond!